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For NORDMEYER SMAG Drilling Technologies GmbH, customer's individual wishes and requirements are the measure of all things. Since 1935, the company has been designing and producing drilling rigs, tools and accessories for drilling specialists worldwide. Based on this history Nordmeyer today has the experience, skills and technical resources to meet the most specific demands in a wide range of drilling applications, from water well drilling via mining and site investigation for foundation, highways and railway construction to environmental studies. Nordmeyer technology is focused on practical use.
Founder Hermann Nordmeyer a smithy in 1935, we initially supplied local steel and oil industry in and around Peine, a mid sized city near to Hanover. At that time, well drillers at a nearby site asked the skilled craftsman for advice. Thus Nordmeyer started designing and building earth-drilling equipment. In the 70's the product line was systematically expanded to cover the demand for different drilling techniques. The NORDMEYER trademark stands for a strong reputation on the German and international markets. Worldwide export started with the manufacture of larger drilling rigs, tools and accessories to drill depths between 15 and 1,500 meters.
February 1st 2013 the former family business was acquired by Salzgitter Maschinenbau GmbH to further support continuous growth. Projects throughout Europe and the Middle East made export sales rise to an impressive 40%, and in some years even 60% of total revenues. In the factory in Peine, Nordmeyer employs state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology, including CAD and CNC machinery. The company employs 135 persons, most of them working in the production lines and a reputed engineering department for product development. To control and optimize quality, Nordmeyer manufactures 70 to 80% of all components in-house. As such, Nordmeyer equipment stands for proverbial reliability, functionality, long service life and excellent performance features. Today as well as in the past, Nordmeyer's strength is based on proven reliability for standard equipment and individual solutions for special applications. The company's reference list includes engineering companies, open mine operators, building contractors, local and federal authorities, and of course, drilling companies. Custom-tailored solutions can only successfully be obtained in close cooperation with the principal. Nordmeyer has reached their present position by long lasting, mutually rewarding business relationships. And by keeping the customers satisfied their core-business.
Nordmeyer Holland serves as a sales office for Benelux counties and for the export abroad. Established in 1979 a very fruitful cooperation also resulted in local manufacturing of the drilling rig in The Netherlands in a joint venture with several Dutch partners. As such, Nordmeyer operations are truly international.

Nordmeyer Holland office

Nordmeyer service mechanics