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Casing rotary units

The hydr. operated NORDMEYER casing rotary units series HV 600 - HV 1000 - HV 1080 - HV 1200 are add-on units for dredgers for water supply or draining wells, soil investigation in dumps, for piling or similar drilling tasks in soft to medium hard formations. Their solid design and their relatively small weight enable easy transportation by truck granting a quick move from site to site at low cost. The casing unit is easily and reliably fixed to the dredger by stable holding plates and guiding rails absorbing the torque of the shocking movement. During drilling the upper part of the dredger can fully use the complete slewing radius of 360 .


  • Pilings
  • Construction of big size water wells
  • Soil investigation in polluted areas


  • Model "Compact" consisting of
    Hydr. drive, control panel and clamp mounted on a base frame
  • Model "HV" consisting of
    Hydr. drive and control panel as stand-by unit


Wim De Kleermaeker
Nordmeyer Holland

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